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We print photo quality with our HP Indigo Press. We use Ultra Clear Laminate over our 10mil Teslin core.
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Standard KEY TAGS

Standard key-tags are used for memberships for health & fitness clubs, wellness & yoga studios, grocery stores, associations, church & oil change shops, reward programs, loyalty programs (punch-able, too!), and more.


Our S-Style Key Tags are made to swipe the barcode key tag through a barcode slot reader for easy check-in or door access control.

Our barcode key tags work with all MEMBERSHIP TRACKING SOFTWARE for all Gyms, Health Clubs and Fitness Centers.

Barcode Key Tags

Keep Track of Your Membership With Barcode Key Tags. Start associating your members with bar codes for easy organization of the program. You will love how easy it is to keep track of everything, and your members will love how simple it is to use your program.

Our “barcode key tags” work with any membership tracking software for all Mind, Body, Health, Fitness, Yoga Grocery & all POS systems.

We can print barcode fonts such as Barcode 3 of 9, 4 of 8, UPC and more.

Feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives at (888) 539-8241 if you have any questions.

Oval Key Tags

Oval key tags are often used for memberships for health & fitness clubs, wellness & yoga studios, grocery stores, associations, church & faith communities, market & trade shows, oil change shops, reward programs, loyalty programs.

Custom Key Tags

If you would like Custom Key Tags to market your business, you want to come up with an effective design that will attract customers and really make your business stand out amongst others.

We can manufacture your custom key tags to your custom shape that you are looking for. KEYTAG1 will print your full color logo along with any barcodes or numbering you might need.

Membership Key Tags

Looking for membership key tags? Choose KEYTAG1′s laminated Membership Key Tags which have a vibrant, eye-catching appearance to maximize the impact on your customers. We can number each key tag sequentially with barcodes, numbers or any variable date of choice.

Loyalty & Rewards Key Tags

Using Loyalty Rewards Key Tags helps keep your customer coming back to you. Offer your customers discounts and rewards for returning to your place of business. Buy 5 get 1 FREE, or 10% Discount on parts, etc…

Software Key Tags

The easiest method to manage your memberships is with barcode key tags. KEYTAG1 manufactures Software Key Tags that work with all membership tracking software for fitness centers, grocery stores and more. Our software key tags works with all membership tracking software such as: Mind & Body & Health & Wellness & Grocery Store & POS and MORE!!!


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