How Does a Key Card or Key Tag Work?

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KEYTAG1 manufactures key cards and key tags that are customized for your business so that you can easily keep track of your customers or clients and offer incentives for their loyalty.  By simply swiping a customer’s key card to track a ton of information, this will make running your business a breeze, while also seeing an increase in returning customers. Keep reading to learn more about the different ways in which key cards and key tags work.

What Are Key Tags and Key Cards?

A key card or key tag is used by many businesses as a way to keep track of their returning customers or clients. The key cards can hold a variety of information that can be used in different ways, depending on the business and the intended use. Standard key tags and key cards are often used t at health & fitness clubs, wellness & yoga studios, grocery stores, associations, churches, oil change shops, and more.

1200x900GMB- A loyal customer paying at a salon using a membership card.
1200x900GMB-2 A coffee shop that uses key cards to hold customer information.

Holds Membership Information

Our key cards can hold information about your members and the membership groups that they’re a part of. This information includes anything from their name and address to their unique member number, membership status, and more. A ton of businesses use key cards to make swiping in and accessing membership information much easier — it’s really up to you what information is held on the card and how a key tag will be used!

Tracks Loyalty

You can have key cards or key tags set up in a way to track the loyalty of your customers or clients. By having them scan their card every visit, you can see how often each patron comes into your business, and, if applicable for your business, what they came in for. For example, if you run a gym business, your customer’s key cards could keep track of not only every time they visit the gym, but also every time they attend a certain class, as well. As with most other functions of these cards, the possibilities are pretty endless!

1200x900GMB-3 A loyal gym member working out.
1200x900GMB-4 A loyal customer getting ice cream.

Counts Reward Points

On top of tracking loyalty, you can also have the key cards or key tags count reward points. You could set up reward points to accumulate per visit, per amount spent, or a variety of other conditions. It’s up to you and how your business operates. Many retail stores and restaurants love using key cards to keep track of their customer’s reward points — it’s a very easy way to easily count the number of visits, items purchased, and/or dollars spent that will go toward the eventual reward or future discount.

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