How Businesses Can Use Our Services

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If you want to use custom key tags to promote your business, you should develop an effective design that will attract clients and make your company stand out from the crowd. We can create personalized key tags in whatever shape you like. KEYTAG1 will print your full-color logo as well as any barcodes or numbers you require. Here are just a few types of businesses that can use KEYTAG1’s custom key tag services.


Fitness has evolved into one of the most competitive markets in today's society. So, how can you persuade clients to join your company's fitness program instead of others? With a tailored experience, you can demonstrate to your consumers that you are dedicated to their health quest. Use personalized gym key tags to set your gym apart from your competitors. With this added touch of professionalism, you can increase the loyalty of your members.

Scanning key tag at the gym
gym and fitness key tags

Health Clubs

With a health club custom key tag, you can emphasize the importance of working out and eating healthy. In addition, because of the mobility of this key tag, you can get your brand in front of clients and teach them about your health club or fitness business.


Traditional library cards are being phased out in favor of more personalized tags. For example, instead of writing your name and membership number on a paper card, your information may be stored in a custom QR code that connects to your key ring.

custom key tags for gyms
fitness equipment


There are several advantages that key tags may bring for fitness centers. First, they can improve your members' experiences and provide them with additional perks to benefit your business. Through the high-quality key tag offered by KEYTAG1, you may provide several types of memberships, unique awards to loyal members, and special discounts. Not only that, but they are portable, so your customers will always have a reminder to visit your fitness center. They are also an excellent approach to reach out to new customers. For additional information, please contact KEYTAG1.

Build Your Brand

Personalized plastic key tags are a simple yet effective method to interact with your consumers. Key tags promote your brand, keep you in your client's thoughts, and allow you to collect crucial membership data. Do you want low-cost advertising and proven brand building? Then, please send us your project data now to get started on your personalized key tag order.